What am I doing now? (As of Septemper 2021)

First, what's a "now" page? This site explains it but: it's different than an About page, in that it's just what's going on with you right now. More personal, hopefully updated more frequently. 

As of now, I'm working full-time for an arts non-profit, and in my spare time I'm photographing as much as I can. 

I'm working diligently to conquer impostor syndrome and the feeling that I need permission to do things in life. Which means reaching for opportunities where I initially think "I'm not qualified for that!" 

I'm also creating linocut art, and after years of dithering created an Etsy page for my art. There's sure to be linocut work there, as well as various woodworking or sewing creations. I'm gonna put some photos up there too, so stop by and browse! 


Other creative things I'm learning or practicing: gardening, pyrography, mosaic, resin casting, quad roller skating, yoga (occasionally), herbal salve-making (basically, potions class), cannabis bath bombs. Also, just beginning to work with silversmithing and stained glass, both of which are teaching me soldering. Fun!

Drop me a line if you wanna chat about any of the above. I miss talking to humans.